Leading national and international industries are among Kabel’s main customers. The company stands out for the efficiency in addressing its customers’ needs in electric harnesses, assembled and sub-assembly cabling.

The outcome of its investments in quality, technology, staff qualification and flexibility in delivery can be gauged by the company’s continual growth.

The list below shows the Segments of Activity of Kabel products:

Agricultural Machinery

Electric harnesses, Electrical Central Panels and Instrument Panel (Dashboards) for Combine Harvesters and Tractors.

Household appliances

Electrical wiring for washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, high-pressure washers.

Automotive and Parts

Electrical Harnesses for Ventilation Systems, Air Conditioners, Optical Display Panels, etc.

Construction – Roadbuilding Machinery

Electrical Harnesses for Earthworks Equipment and Tractors.

Commercial Refrigeration

Electrical wiring for refrigerated counters, refrigerators and horizontal and vertical freezers.